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Welcome to Debtor Funding Solutions

Debtor Funding Solutions is a registered credit provider, to a wide range of businesses, offering various types of funding assistance, quickly and easily.

The company was built on over 50 years of combined real business experience. This enables us to assess your true wants, needs and future vision of your business and allows us to tailor make a service offering that is unique to you and will serve you the utmost value, in as little as 3 days.

We truly believe that every relationship is different. We have hand crafted our service offering to ensure relevance, especially considering today’s ever changing economic climate.

The main philosophy we have adopted, is that we do business with People, and not with organisations or faceless conglomerates. We strive to give a personal service which leads us to both learn, understand and grow your business.

Get in touch! Let’s have a cup of coffee and see how Debtor Funding Solutions can assist your business and help you eliminate any barricades that may be keeping you from achieving your goals.

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